Dr. Cohn's speaking engagements and workshops focus on issues related to personal growth, coping with life transitions, and raising compassionate, morally courageous children in what is often an immoral, violent world.  This series of popular speaking engagements and workshops stem from her practice over the past 25 years.  Dr. Cohn gives participants specific tools and resources for dealing with these challenging issues.

Each topic below can be presented as either
a workshop or speaking engagement.

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Creating Emotional Space

Modern Parenting/Ancient Wisdom

Raising Compassionate, Courageous Children In A Violent World 

Coping with Stress and Depression
Surviving the Pain of Divorce and Separation
Coping with Grief and Loss after Death
The Power of Play: How to use Play to Build Young Children's Character, Enhance their Coping Skills, and Foster Better Parent-Child Communication