Coping With Grief And Loss After Death

 ©Janice Cohn, D.S.W., A.C.S.W.


What Does This Workshop Do?

This workshop utilizes current research and clinical findings to provide participants with specific tools to help themselves and others cope in the aftermath of a death. The following issues will be discussed: 

v      What is the predictable, “normal” process of grieving? 

v      What are the different stages in this process? 

v      How do children grieve?  Is this different from the way adults grieve? 

v      Do men and women tend to grieve differently? 

v      How do we know if a grieving person is in need of professional help? 

v      What specific things can we do or say which will genuinely comfort the bereaved? 

v      What are the common things that well meaning people often say or do which end up causing increased pain and anger, and prolong grieving for the bereaved? 

v      Do particular kinds of death provoke particular kinds of reactions in the bereaved? 

v      What are specific types of behavior, often shown by the bereaved, which tend to worry and concern friends and relatives but which are perfectly normal? 

v      What are the psychological tasks which confront children and adults in the aftermath of death? 

A listing of resources (i.e. selected books, articles, videos, etc.) will be distributed to all workshop participants.

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