Creating Emotional Space

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The stress level for most women today – whether they are single or married, work outside of the home or are stay at home moms – is very high.  Many women will point to a lack of adequate time to accomplish what they need to do to meet the needs and expectations of their significant others, their children, bosses, family members and community – not to mention their own needs which often are not even entered into women’s equations as they try to balance their time.

However, the problem for many women that causes stress, emotional depletion and fatigue is not so much a lack of time, but rather difficulty in defining personal boundaries, setting limits and giving one’s self permission to create “emotional space” – a personal zone of emotional breathing space which permits women to focus on reconnecting with and becoming in touch with their imagination, creativity and personal dreams – a zone of quiet introspective space which helps them to become more aware of their own emotional needs and potential without guilt and conflict.

When women – no matter how nurturing or altruistic – are not able to do this, depression, anger, resentment and physical as well as emotional exhaustion often result.


What Does This Workshop Do?

The goal of this workshop is to help women create meaningful emotional space in their own lives.


Workshop’s Content

  • Creating a physical space of one’s own

Turning a bit of physical space into a growth-promoting, soothing environment – free of physical and emotional clutter

  • Claiming and honoring special time

Creating a zone of personal time for one's self and learning how to use it to visualize and work toward one's personal goals.

  • Setting expectations for one’s self and others

Distinguishing between the need to take responsibility and the inability to delegate responsibility – and understanding why this is so difficult for many women

  • Using journaling

Learning how one can get the most benefit from keeping a journal or diary

  • Developing tolerance for one’s self and one’s shortcomings

Distinguishing between one’s authentic self and one’s idealized self – and accepting and nurturing that authentic self


For Workshops:

Focus of Session One:

  • Defining the problem and identifying possible solutions

Focus of Session Two:

  • Exploring those solutions further, as well as participants’ attempts to begin implementing those solutions

Focus of Session Three:

  • Refining possible solutions and participants’ attempts to use their own creativity in implementing their solutions

  • Defining and clarifying future realistic goals


Workshop Tools

The workshop will utilize:

  • Women’s own stories

  • Research and techniques regarding:

    • dealing with depression

    • the relationship between the suppression of creativity and depression

  • Stress reduction techniques

  • Visualization techniques

  • Meditation techniques

  • Goal-setting techniques

  • Interpersonal relations theory

  • Cognitive therapy techniques

  • The art of Feng Shui

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