Modern Parenting/Ancient Wisdom
A workshop for Parents, Teachers and other caring adults

 ©Janice Cohn, D.S.W., A.C.S.W.


The Need for this Workshop

The world, today, is a dangerous place and children are very much aware of that.  In such a world we tell children — as, indeed, we are now told — to be suspicious, be careful, be cautious.  But at the same time we want them to be altruistic, compassionate and courageous, in addition to our expectations that they do well at school and various extra-curricular activities, master new technologies, have good relationships with their peers, and learn to deal with complicated, confusing and sometimes upsetting messages — often explicitly sexual, often violent — which they get from every aspect of the media. 

Is it any wonder that more and more children are showing signs of emotional distress? In this kind of environment, caring adults are particularly concerned about responding to children’s needs.  But how can this be done? Increasingly, parents, educators and others are beginning to explore new approaches which synthesize ancient Eastern wisdom (including Yoga, Buddhist thought and the art of Feng Shui) with more traditional parenting techniques. Consequently, they are finding that this often results in effective, creative ways to help children cope with the stresses and challenges of today’s world.



How this Workshop helps Parents and Children:

Workshop Goals

  • Promoting peacefulness and well-being in children
  • Helping children cope with stress and anxiety
  • Fostering children’s capacity for resilience and positive thinking

Works Tools

  • Psychological guidelines for parents
  • Specific techniques derived from Yoga, Buddhism and the art of Feng Shui


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