Molly's Rosebush

By Janice Cohn, D.S.W

Illustrated by Gail Owens

Publisher: Albert Whitman & Co.



A miscarriage is a special kind of loss.  With it comes the death of the family's hopes, expectations and plans surrounding the birth of a child.  When a miscarriage occurs, there are usually no rituals or religious observances to help people heal.  Yet there has been a genuine loss which affects both children and adults.

Molly’s Rosebush was written to help young children understand and cope with a miscarriage.  In this sensitive, beautifully illustrated book, Molly is looking forward to becoming a big sister.  But one day, Mommy and Daddy have some sad news for her.  Something has gone wrong, and now the baby Mommy was carrying will not be born.  “It’s sort of like when a flower bud doesn’t get to blossom into a flower,” her parents tell her.  “Even when a Mommy takes very good care of the baby inside her, sometimes it’s just not strong enough to live.”  Molly’s parents help her with the difficult emotions she experiences, and she and her grandmother ultimately find a way to help comfort Molly’s parents and herself.

Molly’s Rosebush, which grew out of several years of work that Dr. Cohn has done with women who have experienced miscarriage, includes an introduction for parents providing information about how to talk to young children about this difficult subject.

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