Why Did it Happen?  
Helping Children Cope
in a Violent World

By Janice Cohn, D.S.W

Illustrated by Gail Owens

Publisher: Morrow Junior Books



Children today live in a violent world.  Violence is on TV, in the movies, and in the news; itís also in our neighborhoods, schools and homes.  While it is impossible to completely shield children from violence, there are many positive things parents and other caring adults can do to help children deal with the effects of violence on their lives.

In this warmly written and reassuringly illustrated story, Daniel learns that Mr. James, his favorite neighborhood shopkeeper, has been robbed.  Daniel is upset and frightened by the news.  He worries: Why did the robber steal from Mr. James?  What if the police donít catch the man and he hurts my family?  Then Danielís parents and teacher encourage him to talk about his fears and questions.  After a while, he finds a special way to help Mr. James, and that makes Daniel feel better and less afraid.

Dr. Cohn offers practical advice adults can use to help children cope with violence in the world around them, including specific things children can do to make themselves feel safe and how to help children develop feelings of compassion.  Danielís story shows children that, while bad things may happen, thereís a lot they can do to comfort themselves and others.

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